I currently work with the following freelance artists. As a customer, you would choose the illustration style that you most like and that matches the style and audience of the book.

Ali Page uses pen-and-ink, water color, and pastels for a look that is whimsical.

Ali Page Illustration for a Legacy Storybook

Megan Hoyle draws with colored pencils to create photo-realistic illustrations.

Megan Hoyle Cover Art for a Legacy Storybook

Kim Miranda is a digital artist with a light and compelling style.

Kim Miranda Illustration for a Legacy Storybook Our Baba Illust color copy

Lynne Hull is also a digital artist whose portraits span from the cartoonish to the realistic.

Lynne Hull Illustration Styles: Cartoon, In-Between, and Realistic

Rob DiFiore hand draws custom photo-realistic portraits in pencil (monochromatic or prismacolor).