Due to the completely custom nature of these books, I cannot tell customers up front exactly how much a book will cost. If I gave you a template into which you could upload your story and images, I would merely be turning supplied content into a book and would then have a one-size-fits-all pricing model that would be very inexpensive. There are businesses out there like that, and I can point you to them. However, Legacy Storybooks works differently.

Each family comes to me with its own unique story, its own set of materials (in various stages of organization and digitization), its own needs, and its own challenges. There are many junctures in the process where unforeseen additions and changes can be requested that will require more of my time. For instance, mid-way through the process, families often uncover more material that will benefit the story. And they may read the drafted story and decide they’d like the scope widened. Or they may decide to add an additional illustration or map. Or they may request major changes to story or layout.

Therefore, to protect the viability of the business, I charge most tasks by an hourly rate of $75/hour. A lot of the thought and synthesis that goes into a creative endeavor, such as writing a book, happens outside of structured work time. I do not bill for that time. Still, this pricing structure motivates my customers to get as organized as possible before we get started.


Estimated Costs

  • Information Organization, Interviews, Research ($500-$1,500)
  • Story Drafting ($500-$3,000)
  • Book Design and Layout (covers, title page, chapters, art) ($700-$1,500)
  • Illustrations (from only cover art to fully illustrated picture book) ($325-$3,500)
  • Illustrated Map ($400-$600)


Total estimated production cost: $3,000 – $15,000

Once produced, the cost to print each copy of the book will range from $20 to $50, based on the book size, cover type, and paper quality.