Who would I be working with?

I’m Emily Brewer. My love of history, research, and words has placed me both in newsrooms (as a writer and page designer) and university classrooms (as a writing and literature instructor). With a warm presence, a keen ear, an eye for detail, and a curious mind, I will sit down with you and ask, listen, and ask some more. Then I will spin your tales into a story custom-crafted for the children in your life. I then will work with my creative team of illustrators and mapmakers to bring these stories to life visually and design a one-of-a-kind book with you or your loved one as protagonist. You can read more about my experience writing and editing here: www.whenwritingcounts.com.

How long does it take to produce a book?

There are several factors that affect the length of the process:

  • Your level of organization, readiness, and accessibility;
  • How many projects I have ahead of yours;
  • The amount of custom illustration your book needs and the time schedule of the illustrator.

A book could take 3 months or a year.

Can I have a book made about someone who has already passed away?

Yes, and several families have confided to me that making a Legacy Storybook helped them in the grieving process by putting closure on a loved one’s life. The main question is whether or not you have enough information collected and organized.

Does a book have to cover someone’s entire life?

No, it doesn’t. It could cover a period of life, such as childhood, a career, or (grand)parenthood, or even just a single story. The beauty of tracing a longer period of time is that the book can show the development of and formation of a person and point to the shaping power of events and circumstances in a life.

May I see some examples?

Absolutely! Click on the links to digitally flip through sample books: a few young adult novels and a children’s picture book.